• Tsedup Ritual

    Tibetan Tse Dup – 5 Elements

    Tibetan Tse Dup – 5 Elements. This healing ritual helps to strengthen the life force and soul energy by balancing the spiritual essence of the 5 elements Fire, Air, Earth, Water & Space which are represented in the body. Energetic imbalances can cause all kinds of issues such as depression, illness and obstacles in ones life. This practice can help restore a sense of joy, well being, and compassion for others , while giving relief from those imbalances.

  • Bon protactors rituals

    Bonpo protectors

    Within the Bon tradition there are many deities or gods.  These deities are not defined in the same way as some refer to as an “Almighty Creator Being.”  You might even call them “heavenly beings” or “guardians” and “protectors.” While Buddhism outside the Bon tradition usually does not speak of a supreme god, the original teachings of Buddha Tonpa differ on the matter, however, some teachers who claim to teach the Bon do not follow the earliest tradition due to many modernizations to the doctrine. In the Bonpo tradition of Lord Buddha Tonpa, sometimes called “Shenpo”, we have a division between the gods of the higher spheres and the demi-gods…